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10 cool ways to show data – Whitepaper

10 cool ways to show data - whitepaper

In today business world, data visualization, and presentation have a critical role in making people understand the importance of data results and analysis.

The different methods of showing data in a pictorial form, graphical, and visual context enable decision-makers to grasp difficult concepts or define trends.

No matter if you want to visualize a data flow, data comparison or you need to show data over time as a trend, there are many variants of visual communication.

This whitepaper contains 10 examples of creative and cool ways to show data in statistics, business, marketing, finance and etc.

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60 KPI examples in business you must know - Infographic

KPI Examples - infographic 2


Companies of all industries use KPI examples to estimate their success at achieving goals.

But what are the right Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that align with your targets?

To answer this question, first, you need to understand the most important KPIs for your business and industry.

On this infographic:

60 essential KPI examples in a business:

  • Digital marketing and website KPIs examples
  • Sales manager KPI examples
  • Social media KPI examples
  • Finance KPIs
  • Customer satisfaction KPI examples
  • KPI for project manager examples
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SMART goals – Infographic

SMART goals Infographic

No matter if you are going to promote a new product or develop an old one, setting clear market objectives is a crucial point.

Numerous examples can be given here, but to create a successful marketing plan you should set SMART goals.

Setting your goals in a SMART way, allows you to make them truly achievable!

These goals can relate to the amount of expected income, desired market share, increasing the level of product awareness, or growth objectives.

Setting marketing goals is awesome. They help us stay more focused, being more productive, more creative and even to dream more for success and credibility!

However, the objectives can be absolutely pointless if they’re not based on the reality. This is where SMART goals come to help.

In this infographic:

  • What are SMART goals?
  • How to define them?
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50 Sustainable Competitive Advantages – Infographic

list of sustainable competitive advantages - infographic

A sustainable competitive advantage is a way for companies to stand out and develop a strong brand that customers will love.

In today’s world, there are many competitive advantage strategies you can use to outperform competitors.

Your competitive edge should be hard to copy. You need a special angle – an irresistible value that proves to customers your solution is the right one.

In this infographic:

  • A list of 50 sustainable competitive advantages to make your business stand out

In the post:

  • What is a sustainable competitive advantage? Definition
  • A list of 50 sustainable competitive advantages in marketing and business
  • Real-world examples of sustainable competitive advantage
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50 Sustainable Competitive Advantages – Infographic

Online Business Data Collection Methods - infographic

Data is one of the vital assets that your business can have. The more information you possess about an area (your customers, competitors, etc.), the better you can understand and affect it.

How to collect this data?

Each future-oriented company uses some business data collection methods to analyze decisions, improve results, and gain competitive advantages.

In this infographic:

  • List of the best methods and tools for online data collection in business and marketing research
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